As you may know, the Piedmont Park Arts Festival takes place this year on Saturday and Sunday, August 18th & 19th. Our merry band of Artists for Open Space wanted a nearby location where we could pre-stage all the equipment for booths, art stations and other displays to offer the craftsmen that would be showing their wares this year.

We were delighted to find a place for rent on Cheshire Bridge Road just a mile north of the park. There was only one problem: the place smelled like mold. When we asked the landlord what the story was, he stated that there had been a leaky roof last year and he had had it replaced.

“What about that mold
smell?” I asked him.

“What smell?” he replied. I could see I was going nowhere fast with that so I told him I would have to think about it, but I wanted one of my contractors to take a look at the space and give me an opinion.

He said “Fine.” and with that I wasted no time contacting my friends at www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com

You see, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning had helped us
out a few years back with a similar situation.

That was when our organization tried to keep an art gallery going all year round. Mold, of any type in an artist’s space is verboten and it was going to need to be dealt with.

This time, I wanted to get an estimate from www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com to help us out with a quickie repair where they just needed to come in and kill everything.

I went to www.atlantamoldingandcleaning.com and got the info I needed to initiate an inspection.

The website is a pretty fast way
to get their services going.

I explained the situation and begged for mercy on the estimate since it was really something the landlord should have been paying for anyway.

Sure enough, the guys from www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com were able to sniff out mold spores with their sensitive and accurate instruments and even pointed out that this kind of mold aspergillums, could be dangerous.

After they heard my hard luck story, and knowing that I was a repeat customer, they gave me a special deal on cleaning out all the mold and disposing of it.

I called the landlord.

I told him I was ready to sign the lease and sought to get access to the place as quickly as possible so the men from www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com could perform their magic.

The landlord said he didn’t ever have a tenant act so responsibly and even offer to pay to upgrade or in this case, remediate his rental space.

He looked at the bill from www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com and said:

“Your first and last month’s rent are free
and there’s no security deposit!”

He turned out to be a good guy after all and I owe it all to the good folks at www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com

I think you know who I’ll be calling if I ever have a problem with mold again. Now, the artists are flocking in to get their little piece of real estate in this storage space. This year’s art festival is promising to be a great one!